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Shining a Light on Canadian Cuisine: FCPC invites Canadians coast-to-coast to celebrate all things food on Aug. 3
Created on 7/29/2019 3:25:01 PM

TORONTO, ON, July 29, 2019 - In 2003, it began as the World's Longest Barbecue; today, it's known as Food Day Canada. 

Over ten years ago, Food Day Canada was an advocacy project for the food & agriculture sectors, responding to the sanctions placed on Canadian beef exports. Since its launch, Food Day Canada has become an annual event, a summertime celebration of all things Canadian-grown, Canadian-made. 

Food Day Canada shines a light on Canada's food industry, and empowers Canadians to share their favourite recipes, dishes, and stories. This long weekend, take pride in what you eat, and share your gratitude for those who help make it happen.

From farm to table, from research labs to manufacturing plants, from Canada to you--join FCPC in celebrating Food Day Canada. We are proud to serve the FCP sector, sharing the joy of our homegrown products.

Happy Food Day!

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