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FCPC Supports New Food Policy Aimed at Addressing Food-Related Challenges Across System
Created on 6/18/2019 10:45:16 AM

June 17, 2019 – Today, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau, along with Parliamentary Secretary Jean Claude Poissant, announced details of the government’s "Food Policy for Canada" outlining a long term vision for the economic, health, environmental and social goals related to food. 

Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) supports the Food Policy and its whole-of-government, collaborative and coordinated approach to food policy in Canada.  Over the past several years, FCPC has been proactively advocating for a food policy and engaged with the government during the development process.  We are also pleased with the creation of a Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council to assist with the implementation, and look forward to providing our expertise, and that of our member companies who are global leaders in sustainability and innovation.  

FCPC recognizes that rising food prices and food insecurity are important issues facing Canadians and supports actions in the four areas identified in the “Food Policy for Canada” including helping Canadian communities access nutritious food, making Canadian food the top choice at home and abroad, supporting food security in northern and indigenous communities, and reducing food waste and fraud. Many of our members are already active partners of school food programs across the country and we look forward to providing our input on a National School Food Program.    

FCPC believes that a “Food Policy for Canada” is a way to address food-related challenges across the food system, such as production, processing, distribution and consumption.  We are also pleased that the new “Food Policy for Canada” brings the entire value chain to the table, from farm to fork.  This includes Canadian farmers and food manufacturers who are interdependent and play a leading role in producing safe, high-quality and affordable food.

FCPC will continue to be actively engaged with the federal government in implementing Canada’s first-ever food policy and looks forward to continuing the discussion on challenges, opportunities and best practices. Through this “Food Policy for Canada”, we can work toward becoming international leaders in food production, sustainability and innovation, for the benefit of all Canadians.  A whole-of-government approach based on science, transparency, open dialogue and partnership is needed; and the “Food Policy for Canada” importantly sets the stage for continued dialogue.

Food processing is the largest employer in the manufacturing sector in Canada, providing Canadians with high-quality jobs in over 6,500 manufacturing facilities. Canada’s food and consumer product manufacturers employ more than the automotive and aerospace sectors combined, directly employing nearly 300,000 Canadians from coast to coast, contributing nearly $29 billion annually to the country’s economy and providing safe, high-quality products that are found in virtually every single home in Canada. Our membership is truly national, providing value-added jobs to urban and rural Canadians in most federal ridings in every region of the country.


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