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FCPC response to Environmental Defence Canada’s report on glyphosate residues in some Canadian foods
Created on 9/12/2018 10:31:26 AM

The health and safety of Canadians is our industry’s number one concern. FCPC recognises that glyphosate presence in foods may be of concern to Canadians. We are in regular consultation with regulatory authorities, academics, and our members to ensure the continued safety of our food.

In reviewing the claims made by Environmental Defence Canada, it is important to note that in the products studied, levels of glyphosate remain significantly below all safety and regulatory requirements as set by Health Canada and well below standards noted in other jurisdictions.

Our industry relies on the sound science-based review process at Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). In 2015/2016 CFIA conducted an exhaustive study on glyphosate levels in a wide variety of foods and no health risks were identified.

FCPC is happy to be part of the discussion and is interested in collaborating with industry peers, regulators and other interested parties to further educate about glyphosate.