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Learning to lead from the future at the 2016 Supply Chain Symposium
Created on 4/25/2016 3:55:27 PM

Nick Bontis
 -- In this age of information overload, it is imperative to manage your time and break through the clutter,supply chain professionals learned from a number of impressive speakers. According to keynote speaker Dr. Nick Bontis, a leading strategy and management expert and one of McMaster University's most popular professors, the average knowledge worker receives 24 emails in an hour while just 10 per cent are critical. Bontis asked "Would you ever send a ship, railcar or plane empty? No. Do you ever get empty email messages void of any value? Yes." 

Click here to watch Bontis speak about his presentation.

Doug Williamson, President & CEO of The Beacon Group, detailed his concept of unlearning or willful abandonment, noting the importance of abandoning the old stuff that no longer matters and that inhibits your capacity to make room for the new stuff. His interactive presentation polled the audience in real time and asked "How well prepared is your organisation to cope in this world of complexity?" Voting through their phones, participants responded with a surprising 5.5 out of 10. 

Dawn Desjardins

Delegates heard an overview of Canada's economic outlook, which is regaining its footing according to Dawn Desjardins, Vice President, Deputy Chief Economist at RBC Royal Bank. "Canada's labour market is healthy and for the first time in 15 years the number working in manufacturing has increased, she said." 

Click here to watch Desjardins explain why Canada is regaining its footing

The wide range of speakers also delved into tactics for creating supply chain efficiencies with a focus on collaboration, such as intermodal transport and automation. Andrew Fuller, Assistant Vice President, Domestic Intermodal at CN Railway, spoke about CN's success in converting truck transport to intermodal transport, which resulted in reduced risk and reduced congestion on roads.

Marc Wulfraat, President of MWPVL International Inc., showed examples of successful automated distribution centres with laser guided fork lifts and automated truck unloading systems. Wulfraat encourages the audience to advocate for automation within their organizations, saying "Automation in distribution centres are a 10 year investment but the result are proven." 

Peter Surtees

Peter Surtees, Director, Collaborative Supply Chains Ltd., U.K, has effectively introduced collaborative logistics in the EUand shared how Canada can adopt his practices. Surtees stressed the importance of finding the right partner and having a plan B should it not work out. “Finding a logistics collaboration partner is like a marriage, a serious commitment and divorce is expensive,” he said. 

Click here to watch Surtees give tips for adopting collaborative logistics in your organization.

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