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FCPC’s Post-Election Panel: opportunities await our sector with newly elected government, but not without some challenges
Created on 11/6/2015 4:19:27 PM

TORONTO -- The election results are in and Trudeau’s Liberals won a majority government, but what does this mean for the food and consumer products industry?

FCPC’s Post-Election Panel event brought five political experts together from leading Liberal, PC, and NDP political pundits, and a seasoned journalist and parliamentary bureau chief:

 Post Election Panel     Marit Stiles, Partner, Story|Stiles

Tim Powers, Vice-Chairman of
Summa Strategies and Managing Director, Abacus Data

David Coletto, CEO and Founding Partner,
Abacus Data

Joslyn Higginson, Vice President, Public & Regulatory Affiairs, FCPC

Amanda Alvaro, Founding & Managing Director,
Narrative Advocacy Media

David Akin, Parliamentary Bureau Chief, Sun Media


David Coletto, set the stage by providing an overview of the issues that drove the election, how the campaigns responded to these issues and consumer views of our sector. Coletto said, “Canadians support manufacturing as a priority, but there is an opportunity to raise the profile of the food and consumer sector, particularly with young Canadians.”

Following Coletto’s introduction, a candid and insightful Q&A with the panelists provided insight into what the new federal government will mean to FCPC, our members, and other stakeholders.

The panelists analyzed the election, what went wrong, what went right, and why this election was so different. At the beginning, the election was about the economy, but by the end it was about change and who best would embody that change; in the end, the NDP and Conservative parties were unable to adapt to this shift.

David Akin        Panel discussion 
 David Akin, Parliamentary Bureau Chief, Sun Media        Expert Post-Election Panelists discussing the election

There will be a huge change in Ottawa with 200 new MPs, bringing new advocacy opportunities for our sector and the potential for new champions.

This shift will also bring a younger demographic to Parliament Hill; the Liberals have positioned themselves as collaborative and will take an evidence and science-based approach to policy making therefore expecting informed, sophisticated advocacy.

Raising the profile of the food and consumer products industry is a pillar of our organization. Most recently, throughout the election, FCPC engaged with all major political parties and will continue to do so with the newly formed government.

In the coming weeks, FCPC will send letters to the Prime Minister and new Cabinet ministers, letters to all MPs, and will organize briefings with key players, including ministers, the Prime Minister’s Office and MPs on relevant committees as they are appointed.

Our intention is to lead with a positive, proactive push for a national manufacturing strategy, and to make clear the potential of the food, beverage and consumer goods sector to be an even greater economic driver. We will prioritize outreach to the new government and, in time, build on these relationships to negotiate some of our thornier issues.

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