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Annual Supply Chain Symposium: Reshaping the supply chain of tomorrow
Created on 4/17/2015 11:35:53 AM

Errol Cerit, Hardeep KharaudMudit Rawat, Founder & CEO, Urbery

- The connected supply chain is not just the way of future; it's the reality of today.

All aspects of the modern supply chain - from forecasting technology, collaboration, talent management, impacts on the consumers and the economy - were raised by expert speakers at FCPC's annual Supply Chain Symposium.

Keynote speaker, Hardeep Kharaud, Vice President, Supply Chain, Loblaw Companies Limited (LCL), shared an informative presentation about LCL's strategic focus on customer centricity and evolving demographics. He also shared the importance of on-shelf availability and the key role supplier partnerships have to play.  

"You [suppliers] are not just model tuning the distribution centre, but model tuning the store. The time you spend with us is much more powerful than even 5-years ago," he said, while describing the company's Integrated Planning Network and the importance of accurate data and processes now that the network has converted to SAP.

LCL senior executives are hosting a Q and A session with FCPC Members at a Trade Talks Breakfast, Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 8:00 am in Toronto. Click here for more information

Fred Baumann

Technology was repeatedly raised as the foundation for driving the supply chain of tomorrow.

"We have to stop thinking about multiple forecasting, and really think about it as a single supply chain. Think of the 'connected store'. If you have a connected network, you no longer need to forecast at the DC," said Fred Baumann, Global Group Vice President, JDA Software

The impacts of the trendy ecommerce market on the supply chain were discussed repeatedly by presenters - from a global perspective, to how leaders like Amazon are pledging delivery times measured in hours, not days.

Marc Wulfraat, President MWPVL International dove-into Amazon's continued rapid expansion, and their specific, tactical strategy to deliver goods to people within hours of ordering.

One local company is making similar delivery time efforts, but with groceries. Mudit Rawat, Founder & CEO, Urbery Inc. spoke about his company's model that uses a fleet of crowdsourced personal grocery shoppers to buy and deliver customer's groceries in under 2-hours of the order. 

Supply Chain RoomSupply Chain Group

Cheryl Paradowski, President & CEO, Supply Chain Management Association, shared insights from their member survey, about how supply chain experts can offer more strategic support within a company. She also explained the association's elite SCMP designation, Supply Chain Management Training certificate. 

The economy and the consumer are always a major focus for any supply chain executive, and attendees benefited from expert insight. Carlos Gomes, Senior Economist, Scotiabank, said grocery store sales are up 2% in a year over year basis in Canada. He said interest levels have never been kept at such low levels, for so long. Rates will start to marginally climb in the U.S., and then here, likely by September. 

Carman Allison, NielsenOn the news you can use front, Dr. Alan Saipe, President, Supply Chain Surveys Inc, talked about the Canadian General Freight Index. He shared detailed charts and examples to illustrate the kind of value that FCPC members could expect to find from a CPG Freight Index.

The information pack ed day, concluded with Matthew Verrall, Senior Policy Advisory - Goods Movement Office, (MTO) Pan Am Games explaining the pilot program that works with local businesses to shift their deliveries to off-peak times. More information about the program is available here.

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