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Trade Talks Breakfast with Compass Group Canada
Created on 4/16/2015 11:18:29 AM

April 10, 2015 -- The senior leadership from Compass Group Canada, the nations leading foodservice and support services company, networked with FCPC members and spoke about potential growth opportunities, at FCPC's Trade Talks Breakfast.

“If something is important to us we resource it thoroughly”, Saajid Khan, CEO of Compass Group Canada said. “Our 97 per cent retention rate proves the strong relationship we have with our clients; we know our supply chain partners are critical to us being a world class provider.”

Ian Bullock, Vice President Purchasing and Foodbuy, Compass Group Canada said, “Our wins are your wins, as our business grows your business grows – every time we sign a new member you get a new member – we believe no other company can provide you with this potential for growth.”

Foodbuy, the nation’s largest procurement organization supporting the foodservice industry in North America, is owned by Compass Group Canada. 

As Canada’s largest franchisee, Compass Group offers access to vastly diverse markets; by penetrating new areas they are able to sustain 25 per cent to 30 per cent growth and average $160 million in new business every year despite current economic challenges. 

FCPC continues to offer insights to members who operate in the foodservice space. For more information, please contact Derek Nighbor at or 416-510-1163.