Debaters announced for Extended Producer Responsibility debate

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TORONTO, January 7, 2013 – The debaters are confirmed and set to argue their point of view at the quickly approaching Food & Consumer Products of Canada Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Debate in Mississauga.

Who will be more convincing? How will EPR impact your business? Acclaimed Globe and Mail journalist and author, Jeffrey Simpson, will guide the debaters as they discuss the motion: Be it resolved that a nationally harmonized approach to EPR for packaging will be a benefit to the environment and business.

Debating from the pro corner:

  • John Coyne, Vice President, Legal & External Affairs and General Counsel for Unilever Canada Inc.
  • Guy McGuffin, founder and president of G.M. Consulting, and former Vice President Sustainable Packaging at Walmart Canada.

Debating from the con corner:

  • Vincent Sferrazza, Director of Solid Waste Policy & Planning, City of Toronto
  • David Crump, Account Director, Hill & Knowlton, and nearly 30 years in experience with the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

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As governments continue to regulate stewardship programs for packaging waste, can we work together to harmonize programs and policies to create a more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally sound approach? Or will we continue with our current patchwork approach of packaging regulations and programs? This important event is being hosted to provide a forum to debate the major issues facing packaging EPR in Canada.

Following the debate, FCPC will publish a White Paper capturing the key insights discussed. All participants will receive a copy.

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