Promoting Healthy Active Living

FCPC members are committed to providing nutrition information and educating consumers about healthy eating so they can make informed choices. They:

  • empower consumers with product and nutrition information
  • issue clear and consistent food labels and evidence-based health claims that help consumers make informed choices
  • provide full nutritional information on the nutrient and energy content of packaged foods
  • provide additional science-based nutrition information through positive-choice labelling programs on food packages and through call centres and websites
  • support point-of-purchase programs designed to help Canadians make informed choices in the marketplace
  • work with government to enhance industry's ability to communicate to consumers science-based nutritional benefits of foods through health claims and other means
  • FCPC and 33 of its member companies and McDonalds Restaurants in collaboration with Health Canada are proud to have launched the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign.
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