Supporting Canadians' Health & Wellness

FCPC members are committed to staying informed on the science related to the food supply (components, nutrients) and consumer health and to taking appropriate action as it relates to reformulating and enhancing food and beverages.

Canadian food and beverage companies have significantly invested in new product development to enhance the nutrition profile and increase the choices available to consumers, especially in the “healthier for you” category, by:

  • Reducing hydrogenated oils in the food supply to help consumers limit consumption of trans fats
  • Increasing the range of products with reduced levels of calories, sugar, fat and salt in line with current guidelines on healthy eating
  • Providing portion size options, such as single-serve packages and child-size portions, in line with the varied needs of consumers

In addition, we continue to be committed to:

  • Responsible addition of vitamins and minerals (adding omega 3, calcium, fibre, vitamins) to create nutritionally beneficial product choices


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