Food Additives

Canada’s food industry is committed to upholding our world-leading practices related to the safe use of food additives.

Food additives are regulated in Canada under the Food and Drug Regulations. The list of permitted food additives, their conditions for use and the foods and beverages they can be used in, can be found in Division 16 of the Regulations.

A food additive is any chemical substance that is added to food during preparation or storage and either becomes a part of the food or affects its characteristics for the purpose of achieving a particular technical effect. In general, food additives are used in food to:

  • Maintain nutritive quality
  • Enhance keeping quality
  • Make it attractive
  • Aid in processing, packaging or storage

To be allowed for use in Canada, a food additive must be effective for its intended use and, when used according to the regulations, must not pose a hazard to the health of Canadians.

More information about the additives permitted for use in Canada is available here

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