Industry Facts & Resources

Canada is home to world leading manufacturers of foods, beverages and consumer products, who make significant contributions to the Canadian economy and Canadians’ quality of life.

The industry:

  • is the largest employer in the manufacturing sector, employing almost 300,000 Canadians;
  • operates more than 6,000 manufacturing facilities in both urban and rural areas in every region in the country;
  • works closely with Canada’s farmers and is the largest purchaser of Canadian agricultural output;
  • pays higher-than-average wages – food and beverage manufacturers pay 13 per cent higher than the Canadian average;
  • accounts for close to one-third of Canada's manufacturing GDP and 40 percent of employment;
  • exports approximately 24% of shipments - 70% of which go to the United States;
  • plans to expand exports significantly in the next three years, driven by demand for value-added Canadian processed food products in emerging economies (Brazil, China, India) and the US;
  • contributes an estimated $100 million to charitable causes, including donating over five million bags of groceries to food banks in Canada;

 There are many groups that are involved in the development of resources for Canadians related to food, beverage and consumer products.  

Below are some of the resources that FCPC has helped developed on behalf of our members and information of interest to consumers: 

Product Safety:

Health and Wellness:

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