Manufacturing Membership

FCPC can help make your life easier and help make your business more profitable. 

FCPC works with members to proactively influence the environment in which we do business, deliver proprietary research and resources, and provide actionable insights into the priorities and issues that affect our industry.

FCPC works on your behalf to provide business solutions to key topics such as:

  • Unfair business practices
  • Competitive issues
  • Stability of manufacturing and jobs in Canada
  • Alignment with other sectoral and global associations
  • Outreach and advocacy with government
  • Profitable growth of our industry
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Health and Wellness

As a FCPC member you benefit from ready-access to up-to-the-minute  information  focused on helping you make more informed decisions whether it’s focused on key priorities with trading partners ―case date coding, deductions, unsaleables― or aligned to current and pending legislation spanning health and wellness, sustainability or food and product safety.

As a member you’ll also benefit from the opportunity to network with your peers and join the industry’s largest collective voice as we share our story with government in Ottawa and provincially.  Plus membership in FCPC affords you many opportunities to become involved through various association Councils & Committees. 

If you think Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) isn't relevant to your business, we invite you to think again.  Better still, read what your peers have to say: 

“To those considering an FCPC membership… I have been directly involved with the FCPC in sub-committee work, as well as its board of directors for a number of years, and have been consistently impressed with the vigour in which our industry is represented with our trading partners, and at all levels of government as well as their agencies. Regardless of your size of business, the FCPC provide access to important industry/global benchmark studies, low cost opportunities to develop members of your team, and the outstanding value of networking with some of the industry’s most experienced, and knowledgeable leaders. When you consider the cost of other forms of consulting and research, FCPC offers significant value that is truly unique!”

- Tom Gunter, President, ConAgra Foods Canada

“For Dr. Oetker Canada, a medium sized family owned food company, FCPC is a most valuable resource in several regards. We gain lots of business intelligence at the time it’s happening through FCPC. We, ourselves would not be able to be on top of all the files the team at FCPC monitors. FCPC represents industry interest towards other stakeholders with a lot more weight and professionalism, than we could ever bring to the table as a single company. FCPC would do that with or without us as a member, but we get to participate in the strategic direction FCPC chooses by being members at the table. FCPC offers excellent best practices exchange platforms for members of the industry while ensuring that these exchanges are in compliance with the competition law.”

- Christian F. Von Twickel, Executive Vice President, Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd


Why re-invent the wheel? FCPC is here to help you stay current and competitive.  Take advantage of membership today. For more information on becoming a member contact Janice Emery-Carter at 416-510-1893..

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