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About FCPC

Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) is the national industry association in Canada representing the food, beverage and consumer products industry.

The association represents member companies ranging from small independently and privately-owned companies to large, global multinationals all of whom manufacture and distribute in Canada.

Our mission is to create an environment where our members can compete, innovate and grow while enriching the lives of Canadians.

The manufacturing sector of the food, beverage and consumer product industry:

  • employs 300,000 Canadians across the country, making it the largest employer in the Canadian manufacturing sector
  • has over $90 billion in shipments annually
  • is the largest purchaser of Canadian agriculture output
  • contributes more than $100 million to charitable causes, donating more than 5 million bags of groceries to food banks in Canada

The industry has a record of embracing world-class regulatory standards and is governed by 442 federal and provincial pieces of legislation, as well as thousands of regulations and self-imposed standards.

The association, on behalf of its member companies, works to further efforts related to products manufactured and sold in Canada while helping to support the long-term health of communities across this country.

FCPC works with government, regulatory bodies, retail and foodservice trading partners and stakeholders to find collaborative solutions on issues of importance to Canadians including food safety, innovation and supply chain efficiencies, health and wellness and food labelling, among them.

Below are just some of the products manufactured and made available by our members:

Value-added meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetable, dairy, cereal grain products, confectionery, baking ingredients and snack foods

Milk, fruit juices, tea, coffee, soft drinks, bottled water and baby formula

Value-added food, tabletop and cleaning products for foodservice, hospitals and institutions

Soaps and detergents, paper, health, beauty and personal care products, household batteries, magazines, over-the-counter drugs and pet foods   

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Food & Consumer Products of Canada is Canada's largest industry association representing the companies that manufacture and distribute the vast majority of food, beverage and consumer goods found on grocery store shelves. Our members provide jobs to almost 300,000 Canadians, and include small and large multinational and Canadian owned companies.
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