SickKids & FCPC: a partnership for child health

FCPC, on behalf of its members, were the first education supporters of the SickKids’ Centre for Healthy Active Kids (CHAK) created to address the complex issue of childhood obesity

FCPC and its members promote the importance of Canadian’s health and wellness, which is why FCPC is supporting SickKids, to develop effective ways to prevent future weight disorders and sharing these findings to improve the lives of Canadians. These shared priorities bring us together to provide children and their families with the essential knowledge and tools to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy living. 

The Centre for Healthy Active Kids (CHAK), aims to create a world where all children and adolescents lead healthy active lives. Dr. Jill Hamilton and her team are dedicated to sharing knowledge gained through research with other healthcare professionals to have the greatest clinical impact. They work diligently with families facing medical crises with weight management, providing much needed emotional and practical support.

In Support of SickKids

2014 - Year one highlights of FCPC & CHAK partnership:

  • FCPC's commitment over two years is first major gift donation to SickKids' new program CHAK
  • Identification of "master energy regulator" gene in collaboration with University of Chicago and the Andalucian Centre of Development Biology in Spain
  • Dr. Jill Hamilton's appointment as the inaugural Mead Johnston Chair in Nutritional Science
  • Healthy & Happy 2014: Insiders Breakfast sponsored by FCPC
  • Guest speaker, Dr. Jess Hains, University of Guelph on the topic of home-based approaches to CHAK staff
  • FCPC enabled Family Education Workshops: working with Rainbow Plates, the CHAK team has been able to offer parents interactive workshops aimed at instilling good eating habits

Healthy & Happy 2014Healthy & Happy Ad - How to go for a walk

  • Healthy & Happy is an annual SickKids campaign within the month of May.  
  • Last year's campaign raised awareness of children’s health issues and highlighted the Centre for Healthy Active Kids. The campaign is built on one premise – every child deserves to be healthy and happy.
  • FCPC sponsors the Healthy and Happy 2014 Insiders Breakfast: To share with the community and SickKids’ supporters the latest developments from the Centre for Healthy Active Kids.

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