Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a key priority for industry, government and the public. On behalf of our member companies, FCPC is committed to providing leadership in working together to protect and conserve our resources. Packaging waste diversion programs and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is one tactic of FCPC’s and our members’ broader approach to environmental sustainability. That approach commits us to work with all levels of government and industry stakeholders to increase recycling of food and consumer product packaging in Canada, with the shared goal of reducing packaging waste sent to landfill.

FCPC’s Sustainability Strategy is focused on promoting responsible stewardship and sustainability policies and practices. 

Stewardship is a key priority for FCPC and its members. FCPC plays a focused lobbying role supporting the development of provincial packaging stewardship/EPR legislation and programs as per our EPR policy position. FCPC is engaged in all packaging stewardship programs in Canada and serves as s a valuable resource to members in helping them comply with programs through our informative communications and stewardship tools.

FCPC is also currently in the process of evolving and broadening FCPC’s work on environmental sustainability, with the goal of taking a more holistic approach to our environmental priorities. FCPC is developing a Climate Change position, which will also address food waste and responsible packaging.


The environment is of the utmost importance to the Canadian food, beverage and consumer products industry. All across the country, we see evidence of an industry that is taking significant steps to conserve water, improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and encourage sustainable packaging initiatives. Details of our efforts can be found in the report entitled, "Making an Impact: Environmental Sustainability Initiatives in Canada's Food, Beverage and Consumer Products Industry".

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