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ECCnet, Canada's National Product Registry, is a central repository for information about all products that manufacturers sell to retailers. The registry offers trading partners a single, accurate source of product information such as size, shape, weight and hundreds of other critical product attributes. Manufacturers enter product information into the registry, while retailers accessing that data can 'synchronize' the product information to existing procurement systems for dramatically improved electronic commerce communication.

The registry is now a business standard for electronic commerce with retail pharmacy chains, grocers and the foodservice sector with more than 60,000 individual products in the database. ECCnet is an industry sponsored initiative, developed and managed by GS1 Canada, the national standards body for electronic commerce.

FCPC is an ardent supporter of ECCnet and has been promoting this service to its members since its inception. In partnership with supply chain partners, FCPC succeeded in gaining manufacturing and retail commitment in the grocery, pharmacy and foodservice channels. ECCnet has gained critical mass in the grocery channel and efforts continue to bring in the other sectors.

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