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Priorities & Policy

FCPC proactively represents and advocates on behalf of our industry and members. We engage with government officials at federal, provincial and municipal levels to ensure that public policy is grounded in scientific evidence. We work to ensure that Canadian consumers have access to high quality, fairly-priced products, and are supported in making informed decisions.

As the national association representing a leading sector and contributor to Canada’s economy, FCPC takes great interest in helping to reduce the financial burden for members and cultivate a fair and open marketplace in which members can grow and compete cost effectively. A significant part of our work is the modernization of Canadian regulations to achieve these goals.

You are encouraged to learn more about the work we are involved in as it relates to:

  • Promoting Food & Product Safety
  • Supporting Canadians Health & Wellness
  • Our Work at Retail (Industry Affairs)
  • Advancing Our Industry: Innovation & Regulations
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Helping Communities Where We Work, Live and Play

On behalf of our members, we also work to enhance the strength and competitiveness of the food, beverage and consumer products industry through its focus on supply chain efficiency and building collaborative working relationships with retailers.

We play an active role in the development and sharing of best practices and protocols across the supply chain – all to the benefit of industries who conduct business within our sector. We also provide a forum for members to develop and strengthen their go-to-market business platforms through education, professional development sessions and industry reports.

Building Best Practices with Trading Partners

FCPC works closely with retailers, government and trade associations to help shape a prosperous business environment. Our goals are to:

  • Work with trading partners on initiatives that have a positive effect on the consumer
  • Provide an environment for Fair Business Practices
  • Broaden relationship beyond current trading partners

Enhancing Capabilities and Competencies

FCPC provides networking opportunities and plays a critical role in educating, updating, informing and training industry executives. This is accomplished through Committees, Councils, Share Groups and training events. FCPC:

  • Delivers programs and training that meet the diverse needs of our broad membership
  • Provides multiple forums for members to engage in, gain insight on best practices, discuss industry initiatives and implement industry protocols
  • Links members with retailers through speaker programs, committee work and event/meeting participation

The FCPC Industry Affairs team is in constant pursuit of supply chain efficiencies. We work collaboratively with industry/retail stakeholders such as GS1, the Retail Council of Canada, the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers and others, to seek industry-wide solutions on common supply chain issues in order to reduce unnecessary costs and complexities in the system.

Among the issues we have, or are seeking, standard protocols and approaches for are:

  • Deductions management
  • Date coding
  • On Shelf Availability
  • Recall
  • Retail Ready Packaging
  • Sustainable Packaging Data
  • Unsaleables

Our work within Industry Affairs follows strict guidelines that are aligned to the guidelines set forth by the Competition Bureau. All FCPC Committees strictly adhere to these guidelines. All members are required to become familiar with and operate in accordance with these guidelines.

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