FCPC statement in response to Health Canada consultation on Front-of-Package Nutrition Labels for Canadians

Created on 2/9/2018 1:53:54 PM

Toronto - Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) and its member companies welcome today’s announcement by Health Canada to undertake consultations regarding proposed models for front-of-package (FOP) food and beverage labelling; a key component of its Healthy Eating Strategy initiative. FCPC supports FOP labelling that is simple, fact and science-based, informative and transparent.

FCPC is pleased that Health Canada will be conducting research to inform the proposed and final FOP labelling regulations. We are currently undertaking consumer research and would be pleased to collaborate with Health Canada on this to help ensure that our efforts are complementary. In addition to the latest nutrition science, consumer market research is the most direct and concrete way of assessing consumer response to these tools and policy proposals.

“We look forward to draft regulations on FOP labelling,” explains Michi Furuya Chang, Senior Vice President, Nutrition, Public & Regulatory Affairs at FCPC. “FCPC shares the government’s concerns for public health and is committed to working in collaboration with them to support and empower Canadians to make the choices that are right for them and their families.”

“FCPC believes that FOP labelling should be supported by strong public awareness and consumer education aimed at improving public health. Helping Canadians better understand labels is essential to this strategy, and this is why FCPC took a leadership role by partnering with Health Canada on the successful Nutrition Facts Education Campaign. We are pleased that a plan for consumer education and communication is forthcoming and offer our support and expertise,” Furuya Chang noted.

It is critical that the food and beverage industry be involved in all aspects of the FOP process and by extension, development of Canada’s Healthy Eating strategy, including: sharing consumer insights to contributing to the knowledge on the food behaviours of Canadians; food product labelling as a tool for disseminating relevant nutrition information to consumers; and, collaborating with other sectors to ensure educational messages are “on pulse” with Canadians.

FCPC and its members are proud of the long history of collaboration with Health Canada on numerous files across government. We look forward to constructive dialogue to help achieve sound, effective and balanced policies that align with the government’s objectives of public health and economic growth.


Contact Information:

Michi Furuya Chang, MHSc, RD
Senior Vice President, Nutrition, Public & Regulatory Affairs

Anthony Fuchs
Director, Communications and Public Relations


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