Budget 2017: Canada to capitalize on agri-food for innovation and growth

Created on 3/22/2017 7:21:48 PM

TORONTO - Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) applauds the government for highlighting agri-food as one of three industries in Canada with “great potential for growth and job creation” and featured as a key component of the Innovation Agenda in the 2017 federal budget. The government stated, “Canada is in a uniquely strong position to capitalize on global agri-food growth.”

“We are very pleased with the government’s bold strategy to grow the agri-food sector,” says Michael Graydon, CEO. “Budget 2017 reflects FCPC’s efforts over the years with the federal government to highlight the sector’s importance and proactively position the industry as a partner in driving innovation and inclusive growth.”

We also support the investment of up to $950 million over five years, to drive business-led innovation “superclusters”, in industries such as agri-food that have potential to accelerate economic growth. We are pleased to see the government addressing trade issues by announcing an ambitious target to grow Canada’s agri-food exports to at least $75 billion annually by 2025, and recognizing “room for further growth” that can be achieved with the development of value-added products.

The recognition of the importance of regulatory cooperation as a key element in fostering international trade and providing Canadian consumers with greater choice was also appreciated. We are excited to see the Treasury Board Secretariat provided with $6 million over three years to continue its efforts in supporting business growth by promoting regulatory alignment with Canada’s trade partners.

In addition, we are pleased that the budget highlights the importance of the next funding framework for agriculture and agri-food, and specifically recognizes “the importance of strengthening the sector as a whole and enhancing value-added exports.”

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development for their strategic focus and recognition of the important role of food manufacturing to Canadian farmers and middle-class families, across the country.

While Canada is already internationally recognized as a global leader in food safety, we appreciate Budget 2017’s new investments to further strength food safety in Canada. We look forward to further collaborating with the government to grow the food and consumer product industry in Canada and build a more innovative, competitive and inclusive economy. 


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