FCPC’s statement in response to the publication of the draft Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Created on 1/25/2017 1:57:08 PM

FCPC and its member companies are pleased with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) much-anticipated publication of the draft Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. FCPC shares the government’s fundamental objective of ensuring that Canada's food supply remains one of the very safest in the world and we applaud the CFIA for its thorough and extensive consultation on this comprehensive regulatory package

The publication of these draft regulations is a major milestone in CFIA’s journey to become a highly efficient and effective organization, better able to respond and engage in the rapidly changing global food system. It is clear that the CFIA understands the need to replace the outdated patchwork approach to food safety with modern, consistent and streamlined regulations articulated in plain language. As a result of the iterative and transparent consultation process, the new regulations are more closely aligned with industry best practices and internationally recognized food safety systems, which FCPC endorses. 

The move to an outcomes-based approach will facilitate much-needed innovation in food manufacturing and provide consumers with more food choices than ever before.  Canadian regulations must keep pace with world markets and enable our members to invest, innovate and compete in world markets and take advantage of new trade agreements, such as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

FCPC looks forward to reviewing these draft regulations as they evolve to include further improvements through stakeholder input and evidence, and to ensure they meet the objectives of a stronger, more responsive first-in-class food safety system.  


Susan Abel
Vice President Safety and Compliance
Food & Consumer Products of Canada


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