FCPC’s statement in response to the elimination of tariffs on imported agri-food ingredients

Created on 1/16/2017 12:49:13 PM

On behalf of Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) and the member companies we represent, we would like to thank the federal government for eliminating tariffs on imported ingredients used for further processing in Canada. FCPC shares the federal government’s objective to help improve the competitiveness of Canadian food and beverage manufacturers. 

As the top manufacturing employer in Canada, this move demonstrates the government’s appreciation of the significance of our industry to the Canadian economy. At a time when other countries are introducing barriers at their borders, Canada is promoting international trade to help grow the economy and jobs for Canadian families.

We see this as a positive step toward investment and growth in our industry. The elimination of tariffs on imported ingredients will help food and beverage manufacturers continue to play a significant role in contributing to the prosperity of Canadian farmers, middle-class families and communities in every region of the country. Since very tight margins exist in our industry, certain tariff reductions will allow Canadian manufacturers to lower their non-recoverable production costs, thus increasing the competitiveness of their operations and enhancing their ability to compete in domestic and foreign markets.

FCPC has worked to raise awareness of the importance of competitively priced ingredients for food manufacturers. We are very pleased that the government has listened to our concerns and taken action to help support Canadian food manufacturers and the 300,000 direct jobs they provide Canadians across the country.

We are aligned with the optimistic vision presented by Mr. Dominic Barton, Chair of the government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth, concerning Canada’s potential to be a world leader in food production. With a 70 per cent increase in demand for food expected internationally by 2050, food is going to be one of the biggest businesses in the world. The elimination of tariffs is a positive step toward Canada meeting this goal.

We look forward to continuing to work in collaboration with the federal government to build an optimal operating environment for the sector to grow, innovate and invest in Canada and become a global leader in food production.

Carla Ventin  I  Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
Food & Consumer Products of Canada
Office: 613.670.5759


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