Top executives discuss the direction of Shoppers Drug Mart at FCPC forum

Created on 7/25/2016 2:10:10 PM

-- Shoppers Drug Mart executives were candid in speaking about the future direction of the pharmacy, beauty and grocery pillars in the corporation at a recent Trade Talks Breakfast. FCPC’s Errol Cerit, Vice President, Industry Affairs & Supply Chain, relayed questions solicited from members to the executives.

“Beauty boutiques will remain a key pillar for growth,” said Patrick Dean, Senior Vice President, Front Store & Category Management at Shoppers, when explaining the growth opportunities. “We will be looking at creating a whole omni-channel experience; interaction with our e-commerce, store and our beauty advisors will be a seamless integrated system."

Errol Cerit, Vice President, Industry Affairs & Supply Chain at FCPC, Chong BangSenior Vice President, Merchandising, Patrick Dean, Senior Vice President, Front Store & Category Management and Mike Motz, President of Shoppers Drug Mart

“We did not want the store to look like a food store,” Chong BangSenior Vice President, Merchandising stated about adding a food department. “It had to fit within the look and feel of Shoppers Drug Mart. I think we succeeded and customer experience and feedback has been very positive.”

“We didn’t want the grocery section to look like something that was bolted onto the store, we wanted it to fit in,” Dean added. “Four different stores in one, each with a distinct feel, yet they fit seamlessly together.”

When asked about potential challenges and threats ahead for a growing major Canadian Company, Mike Motz, President of Shoppers Drug Mart responded by saying  “We have some very ‘big bets’ in the works. If the ‘big bets’ do not resonate with the customer that would be a threat.”

Motz added “The customer changes every day, so we need to remain keenly interested in the customer and evolve to remain relevant.”

As a final note to the audience, Bang advised the audience to familiarize themselves with the improved store layouts, “Go visit our stores; we have an amazing footprint. Of the people who come to the office you can tell the ones that understand the Shopper’s format; make sure your teams do.”

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