The Face of Canada is Changing: What is your Multicultural Marketing Strategy?

Created on 4/29/2016 11:43:07 AM

Bobby Sahni“300,000 immigrants arrive every year. If Canada didn’t have the immigration policy it has today, it would have a declining population. It is a growth strategy for Canada, so why isn’t it agrowth strategy for your business?” This was the question posed to the audience of FCPC’s Ethnic Marketing event by Bobby Sahni and Howard Lichtman, Partners and Co-founders of Ethnicity Multicultural Marketing & Advertising.

Their session focused on the continually growing and diversifying multicultural community in Canada and how to reach and speak to these audiences.  

“It can be a balancing act between two flags,” Sahni said. “There is a very fine line when treating diverse groups as Canadians but also respecting and valuing their diversity.”

Howard Lichtman“When marketing to a particular group, it is more important to be in culture than in language,” added Lichtman. “Just translating an ad from English isn’t going to work; it has to be relevant to that particular culture.” 

Krista Thompson, Senior Vice President, Custom Analytics at Nielsen, also presented compelling facts in support of an effective multicultural marketing strategy, stating “by 2031 almost one-third of Canadians will be a visible minority.Krista Thompson

“Consumers are increasingly fragmented and reaching such targeted groups can often be a challenge,” Thompson said. “Media consumption habits differ between ethnicities. For example, Chinese and South East Asian Canadians are heavy internet users, increasing your digital spend could be a strategy worth investing in.”

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